Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When I said, “Let’s do it” a couple of months ago – was I having a mental block? OBVIOUSLY !!!
Why had I forgotten the last time I tried to cook and barely coped without a working kitchen for 6 days? Right, it WAS 17 years ago, but you’d think something so challenging would stay in your mind … NO!!!
Perhaps akin to not remembering the pain of childbirth LOL.

To anyone who ‘knows’ about shifting house they’ll understand how general stuff can fit into about 33 large boxes. Linen, (bulky) – about 15 boxes. Kitchen stuff – pots, pans, bowls, utensils, cutlery, food etc – easy peasy, about 9 boxes …

That is unless you’re foodie! - 9 boxes – HAHAHAHA!!! Double that at least, triple it even with all the extra “essential stuff” and all the “extra essential TOYS” one’s accumulated over the past decade or so.

So in order to keep the kitchen going throughout the renovation I had a grand plan utilizing the slow cooker, the BBQ (thank goodness for summer), an electric grill, the microwave and the laundry tub for washing up.

Food storage - I’d planned for all the oils and vinegars in one place – pots and pans in another, herbs and spices in another, canned stuff in another, etc etc. And I could cope without most of the whizz bang toys (very temporarily of course LOL ) …

Last night most of the cupboards and drawers were emptied. I cooked a pork rack in the oven with baked veges (enjoying the last use of the current oven). I should have been forewarned – the cutlery tray (taken out of it’s drawer earlier that day and put on a handy table) was buried under an electric drill, a tape measure and a tea towel covered with a brown sawdust type extremely questionable wet ooook.

To be continued …


  1. Having done this myself a few years ago, it is a wonder how we forget how absolutely awful it is! Good on you for even trying it again!

    1. Power finally goes on this afto (I hope!!!) Sanity MAY return :D