Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Have been asked to re-post this - a poem I wrote a few years ago.

Yesterday's gone – diminishing shapes gauzy and greyed
Tomorrow exists - composed, but not yet played.

Wake with me  
a purple dawn whispering
softly across the silver sea
Golden fingers stretching sensuously
across the sky as an expectant sun
pokes one eye lazily over the horizon
(as if to re-assure herself)
before, in a burst of glory she expels us
from the womb of night.

Fly with me,
I will please you with
diamonds dancing on spider webs
as sunbeams play with the dewdrops
The sweet smell of earth refreshed
after a midnight shower 
Untamed beaches where gulls and spirits soar
and the surf sings to the sand
See new born foals on new found feet
rainbows and flowers
a mountain peak

Cry with me,
I will shame you with
factory ships wallowing in bloody bays
as smiles are slashed from cetaceans' faces 
Death traded for dollars
Political puppets growing fat
on corruption and cocktail parties
Slums, breeding grounds for
race hatred, rats, and kids
fixing in doorways - apathetic stares
no one caring who knows or knowing
who cares.

Lie with me,
I will cover you with a mantle 
of twilight studded with diamonds and destiny  
Tranquility; late summer barbecues
stepping stones and skipping stones across a river  
 Children’s laughter bubbling out of wet togs
and into warm pj’s
Sit on a beach and stare at a sunset
red as the firelight that flickers
on your face my friend
No need for words


  1. Wow, June, I am hearing the music wafting through your words. I'm not usually a "poetry person", if you know what I mean. This is awesome. More please!
    Newest follower,
    Monique from New Brunswick, Canada.

    1. Awww, gee, shucks (blushing deeply) thanks so much Monique :)

  2. That is a very beautiful poem. I'm now following your blog too!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, I have a few more but this one is a particular favourite of mine, probably cos it was so easy to write :)