Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Friday, April 26, 2013

On Being a Productive Little Bunny - 3rd Reveal BeadSoupBlogParty

WHAT A JOURNEY - at times joyful, at times frustrating, but most of the time very satisfying.

A reminder of the wonderful array of beads and components and the three beautiful focals from my BeadSoupBlogParty partner Adlinah

I had so many ideas rushing round my head but a couple of must do’s stood out straight away.

The first necklace literally ‘fell into place’ as I was pushing a variety of the beads round the beading mat.  I loved the colours of the swirly lampwork beads so made a ‘Frosted Peacock’ colour brick stitch base and stitched the beads and components onto that.  The stringing is Blue Agate, Red Coral and Silver.  It can be worn both horizontally and asymmetrically.

My daughter fell in love with this necklace at first sight so I guess it already has a new home J

Adlinah sent me the most beautiful clasp - a vintage Pearl Box from Japan, circa 1960’s. 
I’ve always wanted to create a vintage, nostalgic type of lace bead embroidery, flowery, feminine, and very frou frou, and this clasp was the perfect catalyst to get me started. 
This is the result …


So onto a focal …
I simply love the colours and shape of the handmade glass focal disk by mandrel2 (Etsy) - Scarlet Red and Montana Deep Blue, edged with Metallic Silver – yum.  I so wanted to do this lovely focal justice and played with many combinations of what Adlinah had sent and what I had in my stash. 
But everything seems wrong until I realized all it needed was something relatively simple, where the focal itself would be the star. 
I’ve attached two clips on the back so it can be either a brooch or a hairpiece.  Ultra Suede front and back with an insert of Lacy’s Stiff Stiff to keep it perky.

Earrings …
I luuuuv making earrings and was spoilt for choice.  Here’s three pair I've made so far.


The second focal Adlinah sent was a porcelain clay pendant by Mary Hubbard of White Clover Kiln.  
I love the mint colours in the little birdie pendant and the Swarovski Mint Alabaster beads that were in my pack.  He’s so cute, I had fun creating this necklace (and poem).  Hope you enjoy them both …

Billy Bird has built a bower
With love and leaf and twig and flower
A room with a view in a minted tree
Cos a Sensitive New Age Guy is he

Happy and proud as he sits on his branch
And watches the butterflies play and dance
Now all he needs to complete his life
Is a Sensitive New Age Bird called ‘wife’

And some more fun – still a work in progress – Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
I’ve glued little resin bears to the red foam shapes Adlinah sent me and will string them into a necklace.    

I've yet to use the rubber tubing, the third focal and four beads but they ARE earmarked - good things take time ...

Thanks so much for looking and please take the time to visit my beadpartner in Singapore - Adlinah and also check out the other artists who've all taken time out of their busy schedules to create pieces of art for us all to drool over.

Lastly none of this would have happened without the love, patience and support of Lori Anderson whom I can't thank sufficiently with just words.

BeadSoupBlogParty #7 third reveal is today

Yes today is the day -

Watch this space !!!