Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Monday, January 28, 2013

And here I am again ...

A great incentive to get my blogs going again was offered by Lori Anderson of Bead Soup Blog Party fame, as participants in the 2013 event have to have a blog site where they can show their progress.

Here's a link to the amazing event  http://lorianderson-beadsoupblogparty.blogspot.com
Can't wait to get started :)

And where have I been the last 2 years?  Well, thinking about how bad I was not publishing more blogs; then there was a house and business shift in 2011, 2012 was our BIG OE and we were in France when I broke my left arm rather badly right up by the shoulder bone.  Four days in a French "Clinic" and surgery to insert various pieces of hardware to line all my arms bits up again meant a huge leap in my previous low ability schoolgirl conversational french, so I guess some good came out of it all.  And I have to admit one also becomes quite creative making ordinary day to day things happen when one only has one working arm / hand.  I'm still on physio but things are still improving so that's good.

So that's about it in a nutshell.


  1. Stopping by visiting all the blogs taking part in the Bead Soup Blog Party cant wait to see what you make!

    1. Thankyou - my beads have arrived and I can't wait either :)