Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time for me

Now that the weather's improved I've spent quite a bit of time in my garden instead of in front of a sewing machine or beading board.  Managed to get rid of most of the weeds and pulled out several shrubs that had outlived their prettiness.

Also had a huge clean up of plastic pots, potions and general clutter around the garden.  Couldn't believe how many empty plastic containers I had - surely I haven't bought THAT many plants - well where are they all if I did?  Well yes, I guess I did buy that many but I'm the biggest killer of plants that I know.  It's not that they get neglected in the garden, it's the neglect between the garden centre and actually planting them in the garden that's the problem lol.  I always have the best of intentions and pop the little babies down in a sheltered part of the garden, sometimes even where I'm going to plant them, and then unfortunately I move onto doing something else and a couple of weeks later I find the poor wee sods, usually dead or past retrieving - so another plant pot joins the stash.   Ah well, at least I'm keeping the recycling wheel going round.

So now I have most of the summer veges sitting up nicely - and actually in the soil - I've had time for a bit more beading.

This is my latest winner on the Australian Beading Forum YOJ.  The theme was "Sex Bomb" and if you've ever had that song on the brain, like me you'd probably also want to put a bomb under who ever wrote it.

Anyway, I decided I had to make something in Red and Black and it took less than a day for this to be created.  I called it "Madam Meets the Mistress and Does Lunch at the Moulin Rouge"


Polymer Clay, Crystals, Pearls and some Ostrich Tufts

Not sure if I'll ever be game enough to wear it but who never know - what's that expression about behind closed doors?

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