Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wheels within wheels

Had a chesty cold for nearly three weeks now and can't seem to throw it off so I've had plenty of time to sit curled up in a rug in the sun, read lots of beading books and actually finish off several UFOs.

Last weekend I was feeling a bit more human so made this item for the "Wheels" YOJ Challenge on the Australian Beading Forum.  I thrilled to say it was voted the winner. 

I get a really neat little badge to add to my signature on the forum plus a lovely banner to show on my website (which YAY!!! I'm pleased to say is starting to look really good and should go public in a couple of weeks)  Perhaps make that a month lol.

Anyway my steampunk interpretation of "Wheels" was -

In Steampunk Land, if we were to look inside someone’s mind we would see a myriad of wheels and cogs. Wheels within wheels within wheels. Mechanical pieces all spinning, turning and interacting amongst a total kaleidoscope of colours and pictures - constantly evolving.
So if at times your brain can’t keep up with your thoughts and everything is whirling round like psychedelic wheels in your head – don’t panic! It’s a condition commonly called Creative Process and easily cured by a large dose of Me Time along with a course of Retail Therapy at your nearest craft centre. 

I wired Swarovski Bicones into circles and the stems form the (mostly) unseen spokes of the wheel into and under the watch movement. I ran out of room around the bezel at around the same time Mr Swarovski fortunately ran out of colours. It's on on a Du-kit circular base and has a wheel cog at the top for the chain.

Hope you like it :)  I think it will be a fun item to wear :)


  1. That's a really interesting piece of jewellery June and congratulations. Hope you are feeling better by now.

  2. Ohhhh you clever gal, loving it!!! right up my alley. Must say I am playing with dukit too at the moment, where was that hiding huh, wonderful stuff.